Nka’Thuto Office Launch

Nka’Thuto EduPropeller, NPO, creates an environment for high school kids from disadvantaged backgrounds to become innovators and TechnoPreneurs. We allow kids to be creative and have fun while learning how to solve problems in their communities using iSTEM principles. Of-cause we don’t stop there… We challenge them to convert their solutions to business cases and provide

Nka Thuto | Poem by Tshepo Phola

I once woke up and regret to be as a South African Was not proud to be born in this illiterate country …where 20% is an entry into the next grade…what a degrade I am not proud… for this land of I has thorns wherever I step, this land of I poverty in our bloodline.

Chomeez of Nka’Thuto EduPropeller…

This communiqué officially marks the launch of the Nka’Thuto newsletter aimed at ensuring that #NoOneIsLeftBehind in our growth as a community of edupropellers with a direct stake in the advancement of South Africa through the process of innovation and its dissemination. The year 2017 marked the official registration of Nka’Thuto and was the year we

Thulile Khanyile on MetroFM