The Future of jobs and skills report conducted by the World Economic Forum reports that in the past decade 26% of new employments in South Africa have been in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In the same time frame, 6.7% and 18.4% of new employments in Ghana and Kenya respectively, were also in ICT industries.

The girls do it again…

 After winning at the final Innovation Expo in September 2018 and also being selected as 1 of 10 projects to go through to the final stage of the Nka’Thuto program, the TechnoPreneurship workshop, the girls did it again. They were tasked to convert their solution into a business case. To assist them they we allowed
Nka’Thuto EduPropeller is a growing think tank of ideas and source of innovations from township and rural communities. These innovations address societal challenges ranging from water scarcity, corruption, sanitation, transport and financial systems to name a few. Through research methodology and innovation, Nka’Thuto creates a platform that teaches these skills. Additionally, inputs resources such as
Africa is projected to be inhabited by 840 million youths by 2050 making it the youngest population on earth. The need for urgent measures to match the continents growing population of youth and its need for resources, sustenance, employment and means of creating a living has been stressed by the African Development Bank and its