Africa is projected to be inhabited by 840 million youths by 2050 making it the youngest population on earth. The need for urgent measures to match the continents growing population of youth and its need for resources, sustenance, employment and means of creating a living has been stressed by the African Development Bank and its
Agnecia Mokoena (18) – The leader in the making Nka’Thuto has 22 personal stories through our Alumni that completed the program in 2017 each as compelling as the next. It is through being shown an alternative route that Illinge grade 12 student Agencia Mokoena believes her current situation is hers to fix. Having recently lost
Nka’Thuto Alumni Lindokuhle Sibeko (15) – The programmer and entrepreneur Nka’Thuto EduPropeller is positioning itself as a vehicle for perpetual social change. Nka’Thuto EduPropeller Alumni not only understand the need to acquire skills for the purpose of applying them, they live that mantra. Similarly they have purpose which drives how they interact and use resources

Young Professionals Corner: Meet Sizwe Zwane

From dreaming about being a gangster to Revenue Assurance I was born to a teenage mother at the age of 17, as a result both my mother  and I were raised by my grandmother. I grew up in gang-infested community in Soweto, the first time I saw someone get killed I was only 7 years