Nka'ThutoWho We Are

Nka’Thuto Edu Propeller is a Non-Profit Organisation established in April 2016 and officially registered in January 2017. The organization was established by black, passionate advocates of science, education, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Advancing innovation, science and creativity in previously disadvantaged communities, one student at a time.


Develop problem solving skills through teaching science research principles and creating platforms to commercialise the science and engineering solutions.


In light of the objectives of the United Nations (UN) - SDG , the African Union vision 2063, and NDP 2030 on education; we felt that we should take matters into our own hands and become the administrators of the change we want to see in our communities and the country at large. As young civic leaders we are passionate about making an impact in society. As an extension of this, Nka’Thuto encourages the youth to be the champions of change within society. We believe that the change required in society must come from each and every one of us. The challenge that Nka’Thuto is passionate about solving is in basic education, more specifically in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering and entrepreneurship.

Nka’Thuto aims to raise a curious generation through the cultivation of science research skills which will lead to an innovative culture within communities. Through workshops on research science and business principles, creativity will be encouraged as learners will be given hands on experiences through a customized learning experience (addressing individual learning needs per project). Science research solutions will be further developed into business solutions where learners will be addressing unmet needs through their science projects.


• Leadership

The ability to influence society to reach self-actualization and self-emancipation both mentally and in practice.

• Passion

The possession of an internal drive and self-motivation to propel an idea to reality.

• Quality

The production of highly efficient processes that translate to effective solutions to societal challenges.

• Excellence

Achieving, at the highest level possible, to the best of one’s ability.